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Author, Toly Arutunoff


Doug Stokes writes, "Holding a moonbeam in one’s hand would seem far  easier than trying to explain even a few paragraphs of the wonderfully  convoluted, yet straight from the shoulder, unabridged, writing that  talks about cars, life, women, men, racing, not racing, wine, more cars,  more racing, other beverages, and times (hard, bad, good, great, and  really great) in one brave new book, aptly titled: Steering With Your Knees

For that explanation I can offer but two words: Toly Arutunoff.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to sit with this guy at a track or a  nearby watering hole, this book is surely the next best thing."

Toly at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, near Tulsa.


How to read Toly's books:

1. Relax in a comfy place: your favorite chair, your side of the bed, the throne room or the passenger seat of your car.

2. Open “book” to any page and begin.

3. When finished, close “book;” no book mark necessary.

4. Your “book” is now ready for your next journey into the mind and random thoughts of Toly Arutunoff.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy one of the great story tellers as he relates his opinions, experiences and life with cars. What he has to say about the 6 odd decades he has spent playing on the

roads of the world simply cannot be duplicated without a time machine.

– Karen Arutunoff (from Steering With Your Knees Introduction)

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